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This is a website about the DVD collection of Noah Hearle that hasn't been updated since 2001. There are no facilities to buy DVDs, just information on some DVDs within my current collection. In the future there will be working polls, forums and perhaps an online store. Anyway, please have a look at the current DVD movies at

Featured DVDs

Terminator 2
Name Terminator 2: Judgment Day Ultimate DVD
Actors Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick
Director James Cameron
Duration 2 hours and 36 minutes
Special Features 6 Hours of Content on 2 DVDs, 40 Speacial Features Including: "The Making of T2" Featurette, "T2: More Than Meets The Eye" Featurette, "The Making of T2: 3-D: Breaking the Screen Barrier", Supplemental Materials, Cast and Crew Information, Teasers, Trailers, Entire Screenplay, Over 700 Storyboards, DVD-ROM Special Effects, Audio Commentaries Featuring 26 Members of Cast & Crew
* * * *


Name Galaxy Quest
Actors Tim Allen; Sigourney Weaver; Alan Rickman; Tony Shalhoub; Sam Rockwell; Daryl Mitchell; Enrico Colantoni
Director Dean Parisot
Duration 1 hour and 43 minutes
Special Features Scene Access, Theatrical Trailer, Production Notes, Interactive Menus, Cast/Crew Bios, Parental Lock, Behind-The-Scenes Footage
* * * *
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